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CORE is a Cybersecurity company offering selective cybersecurity services and solutions that comply with the latest industry Information Security standards. Our personnel is all former employees of various multinational corporations with experience in the different areas of which we provide our services.
The company`s strength lies in its strategic partnerships with world-class vendors in the information security field and our highly skilled personnel. The company’s mission is to provide highly specialized Information security services that can be utilized to secure and protect our customer’s business and information.

“Once a partner, always a partner.” We form partnerships with our clients, so their success is our success. To be successful with our clients, we take the “Two ears one mouth “approach. Listen more and speak less.


CORE has assembled a select group of industry specialists to support its service line delivery to its clients. Each service is matched with the appropriate SME. CORE specialists have years of experience in the various multinational corporations for which they worked.
We help our clients to mitigate risks and meet their business needs, goals and objectives.

Our Services

CORE provides a variety of information and cyber security services to meet client’s needs. Our services and implementations are based on the established industry standards and regulations such as ISO/IEC 27000 series, PCI DSS, SOX, FISC, and FSA.

CORE begins each engagement with an assessment to aid the customer in identifying their current gaps and formulate a report so they can visualize and understand their current level of noncompliance, gaps, and risks, and to develop mitigating measures and controls to address and monitor them.

Inquiries: info@coreconsulting.jp

CORE provides security professionals to help our clients understand and treat their security risks. This may be in support of a project, period of change, expansion, or to address a specific security need.

Whether for:
  • Policy and Standards implementation
  • Pre-Audit preparation
  • Assist existing security personnel in day to day security duties
  • Drafting or amending policies
  • Conducting security reviews
  • Awareness training
  • Physical security
  • Due to the proliferation of Internet-enabled and mobile devices, cyber culture is growing more rapidly than cybersecurity. Companies need to build their security strategy with the inclusion of cybersecurity provisions. CORE Cybersecurity personnel can aid clients to fulfill and deliver on their cybersecurity strategies.

    As part of basic information security, companies must ensure their employees are trained on not just security, but security as it relates to their job role. CORE comprehensive training program is tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals. Our program is delivered using the iLMS technology.

    IT Security Awareness Training

    Information security awareness training is crucial to an organization by ensuring the company security policies and standards are clearly communicated to its employees. Many organizations are lacking in this basic and fundamental responsibility, either due to lack of resources, skill-set, or both. For an organization to effectively implement Information security company-wide, the first line of defense is to ensure each and every employee is made aware of the company`s internal security standards and policies and their role in information security within the organization. Regulators and auditors are not sympathetic to organizations who do not provide for this basic of requirement. Too often such a gap is a costly one. CORE provides Information Security awareness training in the follow areas:

  • General Employees
  • Information/Asset Owners
  • New Joiners
  • IT Managers
  • Customer Information Handlers (PIP)
  • IT Administrators
  • Developers
  • Vendors and Contractors

  • General IT Security Training.

    Organizations need to ensure their employees understand the company’s security standards, to do so, training must be provided and understood by all company staffs. Also, this training must be documented as evidence to show the auditors and regulators when necessary. This will protect the company if and a when a situation occurs that involves such activities as unauthorized access and “Privacy Information” breaches. CORE will provide an overall company-wide training for employees.

    Targeted Training: Targeted training focuses primarily on the individual job roles and responsibilities, it is specifically geared towards IT professionals and users with special job responsibilities.

    General Training: Provides training on general information security as a whole and how it applies to the employees and their roles for information security with their organization.

    Inquiries: info@coreconsulting.jp

    Do you know if your network has been compromised?

    Internet-borne attacks have become increasingly more and more sophisticated, weaponize malware and viruses are the norms. Businesses can be robbed of confidential or proprietary information. Internet-facing systems need to be strengthened in order to protect business and customer information.
    An Intrusion testing of your company infrastructure, critical systems and applications is an effective approach to ensuring your network and critical systems are not infiltrated or vulnerable to malware and hackers.

    CORE delivers its services via its certified and experienced personnel. We efficiently deliver our capabilities by aligning the client’s requirement with the security resource that appropriately fits the engagement. Our personnel works hand-in-hand with the client to ensure delivery of their Information Security requirements.

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